The Song of My Hope: How to Keep Hope Alive Through Adversity

The Song Of My Hope: How To Keep Hope Alive Through Adversity

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How do you find hope despite your challenges?
Based on the author’s true-life stories, you will be inspired and encouraged.
Through her experiences she will teach you the mysteries of how to keep hope alive.
Discover how to share your thoughts in A Longing Fulfilled at the end of each chapter. Treasured secrets are tucked in as well.
Hope is more than sunshine and flowers. It’s a weapon for fighting your battles!

Betsy Kay Ridgway, MS, is an author, speaker, and seeker of hope. Married to Russ since 1984, their parenting journey has been adventurous and full of surprises. Betsy has loved teaching kids with learning disabilities and working as a special education advocate. She recently started blogging and now takes great delight in sharing her personal story with you.

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