The Perfect Cupcake: A Momoir

The Perfect Cupcake: A Momoir

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Don’t panic…but sometimes vasectomies grow back! Even after five and a half carefree years. And you know what that means… a very unexpected “bonus baby”. What would you do?

When author Lynn Bodnar found herself pregnant at the ghastly “advanced maternal age” of 43, she began the eye-opening process of starting motherhood from ground zero all over again, rewatching the movie of motherhood and catching so much more.

You will laugh, cry, cringe, relate, laugh some more, and find practical ideas from her process of transformation, breaking free from the cultural expectations of modern day moms.

Realizing she was stuck in her mindset, stifled by expectations and subjected to mom-shaming, she journeyed to the other side of it all. By peeling back the illusions of perfection, being “not enough”, and just a mom – she questioned all of the demands around the role of motherhood.  

The Perfect Cupcake, a Momoir is a true-life story that is better than fiction. Best of all, Lynn doesn’t just share her breakthroughs and process of transformation, she opens up her heart about what lead her back to authentic “momming”.

Give a listen today for laughs, head nods, and a-has – like “motherhood doesn’t define me, but instead refines me”. (Lynn Bodnar)

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