The Insider’s Guide to Maternity Leave: Real Stories and Expert Advice on Preparing for Work, Career, and Life after Baby: (What Working Mothers Wish They Had Known…)

The Insider's Guide To Maternity Leave: Real Stories And Expert Advice On Preparing For Work, Career, And Life After Baby: (What Working Mothers Wish They Had Known...)

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If you’re about to have a baby, I expect you’re feeling what any new mom feels…totally overwhelmed and nervous about work. And that’s okay. Even if you’ve done it before, every child brings different wants, needs and quirks. And if you’ve chosen (or think you’ll choose) to be a working mom, there can be a whole extra layer of anxiety and concern about how motherhood can affect your career.

Selected as #3 book on BRIT + CO’s 9 Must-Read Books for Expectant Moms:

What if your boss is unsupportive of your pregnancy? Or perhaps your workplace is not “mom-friendly”? What if you don’t want to return to work at all? How will your identity and priorities as a professional change after having children? What if everything appears to be going smoothly at your work until you actually go on leave – and then life and/or your boss pulls the rug out from under your feet? How do you find high-quality, professional jobs that give you the flexibility to raise your children the way YOU want to?

The Insider’s Guide to Maternity Leave is a pregnancy book is designed to help you navigate these questions and is filled with real stories from interviews and surveys of over 300 working women. The book also includes expert advice and resources on how to explore new career interests or find a new job after maternity leave including full-time, part-time, and project-based flexible work.

There’s no way to completely predict how your maternity leave and return to work are going to go – but you can arm yourself with solid advice and information from people who have been where you are, to help you make the best possible decisions for you and your family at every crossroads. The book deals with the challenges of preparing for, being on, and returning from maternity leave in an honest, direct, the-stuff-no-one-talks-about way.

This down-to-earth guide includes information on:

• How to create a plan designed to reduce your stress before and during your maternity leave, and make the transition back into work as smooth as possible
• What you need to know before asking your manager, human resources department, and/or insurance company about maternity leave.
• Designing a career that works for you as a mom, whether that’s working from home, staying in your current role or completely changing track.
• What first-time working moms would have done differently to prepare for maternity leave and returning to work afterward.
• Advice and information from experts in the field of maternity leave, to help you answer all the questions you ever wanted to ask, but were too scared to ask your co-workers…

*BONUS* Each Kindle book includes:

• Direct links to all recommended resources featured in the book (e.g., books, websites, videos, and podcasts).

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