Debunking the Bump: A Mathematician Mom Explodes Myths About Pregnancy

Debunking The Bump: A Mathematician Mom Explodes Myths About Pregnancy

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“In this important book, Adler, a mathematician, management consultant, and self-proclaimed “numbers junkie,” equips mothers with researched data behind recommendations for what to do (and not do) during pregnancy… She writes in a tone that is both authoritative and assuring—that of a mother rooting for all other mothers.” —Publishers Weekly

When Daphne Adler, a mother and mathematician, was pregnant, a colleague scolded her for sprinkling parmesan cheese on her pasta. After dutifully dumping her dinner in the trash, she decided to investigate to find out whether the admonishment and similar warnings were based on fact.

What she discovered surprised her—and will surprise you, too. After 3 years of research where she poured over thousands of studies, Adler has reframed the parameters of what should and shouldn’t be allowable during pregnancy. Her refreshing and reassuring book finally provides us with a way to separate myth from reality.

Fact or fallacy? Debunking the Bump sets the record straight with eye-opening revelations such as:

• 44% of obstetricians never mention the most important avoidable cause of birth defects.

• Less than half of all pregnant women are counseled about the most dangerous activity they could undertake while pregnant.

• In the long list of forbidden foods, one category is 10,000 times more risky than others…but its danger is not emphasized.

• Many pregnant women cut down their consumption of the single substance that’s the most beneficial to their developing baby.

Debunking the Bump is a pregnancy book for women with a thirst for facts. It covers not only all the hot pregnancy topics (Is it safe to eat sushi and drink coffee?) but also a variety of additional subjects Adler’s exhaustive research uncovered that aren’t even mentioned in most pregnancy books. Filled with practical, actionable recommendations and clear explanations of risks and trade-offs, this unique guide will help you make informed choices so you can enjoy a relaxed and happy pregnancy.

Read more at www.debunkingthebump.comDebunking the Bump A Mathematician Mom Explodes Myths about Pregnancy

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